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We are happy to announce that we are now Authorized Dealer for Sullairs India.We provide all type of Sullairs Compressor and services in Maharashtra...........Utility Engineering Company delas in industrial Air Compressor,Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturers,Industrial Air Compressor Sale,Rotary Screw Air Compressor,Rotary Screw Air Compressor Manufacturers,Rotary Screw Air Compressor Parts

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Utility Engineering Company

When youíve invested the time and money in your business to get a quality air compressor, itís important to make sure your air compressor is maintained. No matter how well-built your air compressor is, it still needs regular tune ups, just like a car. With little to no effort on your part, our services can keep your compressor running smoothly for years to come, letting you enjoy the benefits of a precisely functioning air compressor.

We provide following service:-

AMC for air compressor,vaccum pump & air dryer, air blower

We undertake to service and maintain your air compressor (Reciprocating / Screw) in good running condition under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).Any breakdown calls will be attended with immediate response on normal working hours.For more details please contact us via mail or call us.

Preventive Maintenance

Although many people donít consider it, preventative maintenance for air compressors is an essential part of their care.It help you to avoid costly repairs, but they also can keep your machine running more efficiently. By keeping all aspects of the machine in top working order, you minimize wasted energy and streamline the air compressor, resulting in maximum efficiency and even saving you money on the cost of air.

Health check up

We offers complete solutions for your compressed air system. An energy efficient and environmentally friendly system includes your compressors, dryers, filters, receivers; drain traps condensate management systems and flow controllers, which are perfectly matched to your requirements.
Therefore, we audit each & everything to create innovative solutions in compressed air technologies through communication and education with the goal of providing energy efficient systems of the highest quality. Our expertise, training and support facilities ensure benefits to our customers.

Reconditioning of spare parts

From initial inspection and estimate, to replacement parts, keyway, and casting repairs, metalizing, and all the way down to the final coat of paint, Phox India will rebuild your equipment with a quality workmanship that can only be achieved through patience and experience.

Erection & Commissioning of Compressor

A huge range of Servicing, Erection And Commissioning of Air Compressor is offered by us to customers in wide range at most reasonable rate. The offered Servicing, Erection And Commissioning of Air Compressor is highly appreciated among the clients due to its supreme quality and durability.

Overhauling & Revamping Ė Repowering of Compressors

For many compressors, a comprehensive overhaul or revamp can present a highly cost-effective way of returning the compressor to its peak performance.Modification of compressors brings considerable cost advantages in comparison with a new installation, since only parts are replaced which are unsuitable for the new process.

Descaling of compressor water jacket/ inter & after coolers

Properly maintaining air compressor inter and after-coolers is essential for efficient, worry-free operation.We provide Inter-cooler services such as thorough cleaning of tube side and fin-side/shell-side,Re-tubing, re-coring & sleeving,Complete refurbishing and machining and many more.

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